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     There's a dark truth hidden beneath the surface. Danger behind those blue eyes and maliciousness concealed by an innocent smile. Lorelai isn't what she appears to be.
     Luke senses that something is amiss, but he's drawn like a moth to the flame. He's falling victim to the 4th sin, and he is only the first to follow... Will he realize the danger before it's too late, or will the lust of Lorelai consume him?
     Buckle up as Daniel Grayson takes you on a wild ride through the dangers of the 4th Sin in his debut dark romance novel.

NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

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Coming Soon

     Next up for Daniel is Evil Unbound!

     When a murderous queen is captured and bound away for hundreds of years, the world becomes a safer place, eventually forgetting all about her reign of terror. Unfortunately for our modern world, the magic used to bind her has its limits, and she breaks free of the isolation.  What will happen?

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Meet Daniel Grayson

Welcome to my page!  My name is Daniel Grayson and I am a debut indie author with my debut novel, First to Follow, NOW AVAILABLE.  There is nothing I find as exciting as crafting a good story and then watching it come to life through the eyes of my characters.  My wife and I are raising our kids in the American Mid-West and love to spend time together as a family playing board games and watching movies. 



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Thanks for submitting!

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